It’s Game Day People!

It’s game day … we’re enroute to Tallahassee right now … there’s nothing better than being in a HUGE RV with all the luxuries … the group that started out as six has now grown to 18 … there are two RVs now and well, just lots of fun!  Start time for the game changed once ABC picked up the game … it’s been moved to 3.30 — so, we’ll head to Publix off of North Monroe to pick up the food … lots of mouths to feed!  Today it’s going to be grilled chicken, sausage and burgers — and the weather … it’s supposed to stay right around 83°F — so, hopefully, it won’t be too bad today. 

FSU is taking on Wake Forest — who have embarrassed the ‘Noles a few times in the past few years — last year, they didn’t have that chance in Winston-Salem as they were routed 41-28.  I’m glad that we have some of our tougher games at home this year …. the only game we don’t have at home is Miami, but they slipped and fell hard (like FSU did) against Ohio State – the same day FSU lost miserably to Oklahoma.

Nica is also with us — in fact, she goes to every single game — she won’t sit still long enough for me to get a picture of her with her FSU gear on … Friends often ask if she goes into the games with us — they know I’m good at getting her into places I want her to go, but she’d not be “safe” inside the stadium unless I held her the entire time and well, needless to say, I do not sit still during a football game … I’d compare my up & down to being in mass. 🙂

This week went extremely well … a bit tired and looking at the looming stretch before I have some time off in November.  However, I’m not complaining in the least — things are so much better for me since I’ve moved into this new position.  I miss some of the people I worked with — I hope they are doing well. 🙂

Well, it’s time for me to sign off … we are Publix now and it looks busy (like it does EVERY game day in Tallahassee)!  I hope everyone has a great week … Until then … GO ‘NOLES!



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Bryce & Miss Nica … LIVE from Tallahassee, FL USA 🙂

Just Be.

Life can be hectic at times, but it’s important that we all remember the simple things.  It’s the simple things that give life fullness and direction.

I’ve been meaning to post, but I’ve been so incredibly busy — now that college football season is here and I’m fully vested in my new position (and HAPPY!) … I just don’t make time.  Of course, never totally sure just how many people actually read this journal … I see that it is being read because of the stats thing. 🙂  So, here’s the quick update on telly … RHoNJ — Delusional Danielle was let go … apparently, Danielle cannot even take responsibililty for ANYTHING even when it’s ON FILM — good riddance … hopefully, the show will be better next season … Real World: New Orleans – The roomies kicked Ryan out (hooray) and enjoyed their last few weeks with virtually no chaos, missing pills or other anti-social, passive-aggressive Ryan crap (cannot wait to see the Reunion when everyone gets to totally blast him based upon the footage seen — especially Preston!) … The Closer –  Brenda Lee wasn’t selected to be the Chief of Police — despite saving a large number of police officers, firefighters, et al. from a maniac … I don’t like the guy that did get the position & I hope he’s not a regular on the show …  Leverage – What a great season … cannot wait for the follow-up. 🙂 …   Rizzoli & Isles – Cliffhanger ending — I think someone is going to die and I know it won’t be Jane since she’s a leading character … not a big fan of the cliffhanger endings and this won’t be resolved until December!  Now, this week is big premier week … Hawaii 5-0 (CBS), Bones (Fox), The Big Bang Theory (CBS) and Fringe (Fox).

Of course, we’re in full swing with the college football season … FSU is now 2-1 — with wins over Samford (59-6) and BYU (34-10) and the loss to Oklahoma (47-17).  It seemed to me — as a spectator @ Doak Campbell yesterday (18 Sept) that FSU learned valuable lessons from their loss to Oklahoma … Ponder (7) had a pretty good day  14-21- 0  for 149 yards and 1 touchdown — although he did seem to be  little lackluster in the first half … but FSU ran for 278 yards in their 427 total yards on offense.  The ‘D’ stepped it up yesterday and they’re going to have to in order to be the dominate force they once were!  I watched the THRILLER between Auburn & Clemson — I really ‘hate’ both teams; however, I ‘hate’ Clemson even more (I don’t care about the ACC connection) and so, I cheered for Auburn for the ENTIRE game and loved watching Dabo Sweeney almost cry after they lost in OT!  Texas scared me as well … they really allowed Texas Tech to keep things close for way too long even in the second half — at least FSU pulled away from BYU midway during the 3rd Quarter — the Longhorns let Tech hang around way too long!

John Mayer’s new album — new to me at least — is absolutely incredible … here’s one of my favourite songs –

Well, that’s enough rambling from me … I’ve got some movies to watch!  Hope everyone has a GREAT week! 🙂



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Bryce & Miss Nica