let the experiment(s) begin …

  What a week it has been.  I finished up my previous job on Wednesday at 4.45 pm and haven’t looked back – and never plan to look back.  I miss some of the great people I was working with and I’ll leave it at that.  Since Thursday, I’ve been focused on my new adventure … one that I know is going to be challenging, but so much fun!  I’m so excited to be working with a great group of people in helping excite kids about learning … the last couple of days have been dusty, crazy, overwhelming & extremely exhausting, but I’ve LOVED every single millisecond of it! 🙂  There’s a lot left to be done, but everything will be ready when it has to be … so, here’s to the next chapter in my career, to the people I’ll be working with and so, let the experiment(s) begin …

  RHoNJ was great this week w/ everyone in Italy, but I’ll say that there’s no way I’d travel with Teresa and her kids … it’s too much drama.  I find it amazing that the Staubmeister sat in a restaurant talking about Joe having been in an accident (allegedly driving drunk – which he wasn’t according to police records) … talking with a CONVICTED felon about other people.  She needs to be locked up for the rest of her delusional life.  I’m just sayin’! The Real World: New Orleans was okay – it looks like they’re focusing on the people who cause drama in the house on a regular basis … I still don’t like Ryan and now, I think Knight is being added to that category.  The rest of my shows were great this week … I think it’s safe to say that Rizolli & Isles is one of my new favourites. 🙂  I haven’t had the chance to watch Whale Wars from Friday yet … but I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon once I’m home from my mum’s – spending the weekend here to relax! 🙂

  On Monday, I begin the renovation phase of my body … I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I’m committed to it and determined.  I’ve already met with my nutritionist and we’ve devised a great ‘menu’ … I don’t really eat that bad, but I don’t eat as often as I should – does that make sense?  I’m going to move my mini-fridge to my new work location & keep it stocked with my drinks, yogurt and other stuff!   So, I’m ready for this challenge … and I’m going to win it! 🙂 

  I’ve been following the story about the mosque being proposed near the 9/11 site – Ground Zero – and I won’t be politically correct – at all … I’m against it 110% – that is rubbing salt in the wounds of families and friends of those who died there that day … I don’t care if the group wanting to build there weren’t directly connected with that gr0up of Islamic terrorists; I don’t care if Mr Obama and Mr Bloomberg are for it … period. 

  It’s wrong. It’s inconsiderate. It’s being done to stir the pot.  Build your mosque somewhere else in the city … why does it have to be right there … if it’s a house of worship — it can built somewhere else.  So, if you are a good group of Muslims as you say … build elsewhere and prove your goodwill instead of hurting people.

  I cannot wait for college football season!!!! It’s less than a month away … I’m not going to the first game @ Florida State on 4 September because I’ll be on a Labour Day weekend cruise … it’s my little holiday!  Of course, the US Open will be around that time as well and I’m excited to watch that … ready for Rafa Nadal to win that title!!!!  

  We received our season tix back in June … we’ve got some great home games this year … I wasn’t going to travel to Miami, but I’ve since changed my mind and I’m going now … I’m really excited about this year — it’ll be strange now seeing Coach Bowden on the sidelines, but his spirit will certainly be there!   Really looking foward to seeing Christian Ponder (#7) back on the field … I think he’s going to light it up this year!  LET’S GO NOLES! 🙂

  Hopefully everyone had a great week and is now enjoying their weekend … I’m about to go take a little nap (yes, I need my afternoon nap!) and then who knows what adventures I’ll have later this afternoon and this evening! 🙂 




Bryce & Miss Nica 😛