‘this is my house and you’re not welcome.’

Life has been absolutely incredible the last few days … I’ve had the chance to catch-up with former students — who are all ‘grown-up’ now and in university.  I find it a huge honour when any of my former students (who’ve graduated) seek me out … I’m learning that I’ve made an impact with my ‘life speeches’ and that means – every once in a while – it’s okay when I talk about life.  Had a four-hour lunch with Clare — who I had the privilege of teaching in both 5th & 7th grade.  An extremely articulate and bright young lady — who now attends the University of Florida (blah). 😛  Apparently, her family and boyfriend tried ringing her many times during our lunch/catch-up meeting — I felt bad about it.  Hopefully, I’m not on some wanted poster now!

I’ve had a rescue puppy — a black pug — named Charlie this weekend (he just left about 30 minutes ago 😦 ) … my dog, Nica – Jack Russell Terrier – did not play nice – at all – over the course of the weekend.  This makes me absolutely sad – because she really needs a playmate.  She was selfish and mean all weekend — she didn’t hurt Charlie — she was just like ‘this is my house and you’re not welcome.’  I guess, I’ll have to get puppy that’s just being separated from its mum and clings to Nica.  So, it’s back to square one.  She does get along with my sister’s Daschund, Brody – they play and sleep together when they get to hang out!  I absolutely love Brody — he’s adorable!  I’ll have to check it out once I transition to my new job in the next week. 🙂

That’s it for now … nothing else exciting to report! 🙂



Have a great week …