… absolute RANDOM moments of weirdness …

It’s official … Life is, in fact, good (click on the logo above to be taken to the actual Life is Good site to buy their way cool stuff) … it’s better … it’s back to normal and I couldn’t be happier … its been a long, long while since I haven’t felt like I was constantly having to walk on egg shells in my professional life.  And it’s apparent to my family and friends that I’ve turned the corner back to being the “old, but great, Bryce” … so, that makes me 🙂  a lot lately!  Other than regaining my passion about education, I’ve done nothing even remotely exciting, but that will all change soon enough!

Okay, let’s jabber about two of my fav reality shows … RHoNJ — loved the fact that Caroline met with Danielle (hereto forthwith known as “The Staubster”) and tried to bring reality to her little dream world – unfortunately, you just cannot help crazy people.  Of course, I’ve heard – from an extremely realiable source that The Staubster was released from her contract … even though she was good for stirring the pot (not that I like crazy people drama) and it was good for ratings — she’s a loose canon with her past, current association with felons and well, delusional thoughts of gradeur.  I’m betting that Dina comes back (wink-wink) and it’s either Kim “G” or Kim D filling the spot of the certifiable, delusional Danielle. 🙂

Real World: New Orleans … I said it a while ago — Ryan is Trouble – yes, with a capital “T” … And his whacked out behaviour has NOTHING to do w/ any OCD — I can speak confidently about that since I do, in fact, have a background in psychology.  If I had to guess … I’d say he is bi-polar.  He’s had too many “I’m a happy guy” to “I’m the Devil himself” moments and just absolute RANDOM moments of weirdness — that’s classic bi-polarism. Hands down.  And he’s heading home … sources plus clips of the next episode point to that fact.  I think the house will be a much better place without him there.  If it doesn’t happen, Bunim-Murray Productions and MTV should be ashamed of not getting him out of the house for some serious help.

I’m totally ready for college football season  — GO SEMINOLES — SCALP’EM!  And of course, the US Open … so ready for Rafa Nadal to conquer the hard courts in Flushing Meadows and bring home the US Open Men’s Single Crown!  So ready for my sport season to kick back into high gear!!!!!!!  Can I get a woot-woot!

Okay, now I have to go get brekkie with friends … maybe I’ll post more later this weekend! 🙂  Hope everyone has a great time at weekend!



Laters –



let the experiment(s) begin …

  What a week it has been.  I finished up my previous job on Wednesday at 4.45 pm and haven’t looked back – and never plan to look back.  I miss some of the great people I was working with and I’ll leave it at that.  Since Thursday, I’ve been focused on my new adventure … one that I know is going to be challenging, but so much fun!  I’m so excited to be working with a great group of people in helping excite kids about learning … the last couple of days have been dusty, crazy, overwhelming & extremely exhausting, but I’ve LOVED every single millisecond of it! 🙂  There’s a lot left to be done, but everything will be ready when it has to be … so, here’s to the next chapter in my career, to the people I’ll be working with and so, let the experiment(s) begin …

  RHoNJ was great this week w/ everyone in Italy, but I’ll say that there’s no way I’d travel with Teresa and her kids … it’s too much drama.  I find it amazing that the Staubmeister sat in a restaurant talking about Joe having been in an accident (allegedly driving drunk – which he wasn’t according to police records) … talking with a CONVICTED felon about other people.  She needs to be locked up for the rest of her delusional life.  I’m just sayin’! The Real World: New Orleans was okay – it looks like they’re focusing on the people who cause drama in the house on a regular basis … I still don’t like Ryan and now, I think Knight is being added to that category.  The rest of my shows were great this week … I think it’s safe to say that Rizolli & Isles is one of my new favourites. 🙂  I haven’t had the chance to watch Whale Wars from Friday yet … but I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon once I’m home from my mum’s – spending the weekend here to relax! 🙂

  On Monday, I begin the renovation phase of my body … I know it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but I’m committed to it and determined.  I’ve already met with my nutritionist and we’ve devised a great ‘menu’ … I don’t really eat that bad, but I don’t eat as often as I should – does that make sense?  I’m going to move my mini-fridge to my new work location & keep it stocked with my drinks, yogurt and other stuff!   So, I’m ready for this challenge … and I’m going to win it! 🙂 

  I’ve been following the story about the mosque being proposed near the 9/11 site – Ground Zero – and I won’t be politically correct – at all … I’m against it 110% – that is rubbing salt in the wounds of families and friends of those who died there that day … I don’t care if the group wanting to build there weren’t directly connected with that gr0up of Islamic terrorists; I don’t care if Mr Obama and Mr Bloomberg are for it … period. 

  It’s wrong. It’s inconsiderate. It’s being done to stir the pot.  Build your mosque somewhere else in the city … why does it have to be right there … if it’s a house of worship — it can built somewhere else.  So, if you are a good group of Muslims as you say … build elsewhere and prove your goodwill instead of hurting people.

  I cannot wait for college football season!!!! It’s less than a month away … I’m not going to the first game @ Florida State on 4 September because I’ll be on a Labour Day weekend cruise … it’s my little holiday!  Of course, the US Open will be around that time as well and I’m excited to watch that … ready for Rafa Nadal to win that title!!!!  

  We received our season tix back in June … we’ve got some great home games this year … I wasn’t going to travel to Miami, but I’ve since changed my mind and I’m going now … I’m really excited about this year — it’ll be strange now seeing Coach Bowden on the sidelines, but his spirit will certainly be there!   Really looking foward to seeing Christian Ponder (#7) back on the field … I think he’s going to light it up this year!  LET’S GO NOLES! 🙂

  Hopefully everyone had a great week and is now enjoying their weekend … I’m about to go take a little nap (yes, I need my afternoon nap!) and then who knows what adventures I’ll have later this afternoon and this evening! 🙂 




Bryce & Miss Nica 😛