‘ I did the best I could do ‘

Tennis season is upon us!  There’s such a long stretch between the Aussie Open in January to the French Open … I’m totally enthralled by Rafa’s march … of course, as always, I was cheering for Andy Roddick who got pushed out … and of course, I always cheer for the muh Aussies; however, Rafa takes precedence … thus, I had not mixed feelings when he whipped Lleyton Hewitt.  Rafa seems to really be focused and his play is near perfection … he needs to knock Federer off his little perch again by regaining the French crown.  And then there’s Serena!  I love watching her play and overcoming the jeers and bad press that’s followed her since her outburst at the US Open last year.  Of course, I think she had EVERY right to have her outburst … maybe not the right choice of words, but I felt that the line judge was out of line – pun intended!  Anyway, it’s a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend … you’ve got to love all of the holidays that provide three-day weekends!  Of course, the world’s greatest sport event is almost here … FIFA World Cup from South Afrika! Woot-woot!  I cannot wait! 🙂


Life has been pretty busy as of late.  I’m still no better at juggling focused-projects — I can multi-task little projects that require little-to-no thinking, but when I’ve projects that require a certain amount of focus … it’s hard to be focused when things keep getting added to my list.  In order to survive, I’ve had to adopt the the ideology of  ‘ I did the best I could do ‘ … I don’t like that; however, in order to remain focused and driven, I must just give almost my very best to everything I’m working on. I cannot give more than I’m already given and remain healthy.  Speaking of, things are going much better … still have to be extremely careful.  Life is just too short to throw it away for no reason — especially selfish reasons thrust upon you by others.

Caroline, Teresa & Jacqueline from RHoNJ!

Summer TV is upon us … I’m excited that The Closer and Leverage are both coming back this month (June) on TNT!  Oh yeah, Burn Notice is back on this week as well!  I’ve been watching RHoNYC and RH0NJ … love both of them – after fencing it for a while, I’ve landed on Jill’s side.  Despite how obnoxious she can be – at times – I don’t see her as vindictive at all (of course, I don’t know her in person — so, it might be different) … as for Alex — she’s traded her good sense for ’15-minutes of Housewives Fame’ – she was WRONG to get in the middle of the issues Jill & Bethenney were having — 210% wrong. Period. End of story. 

 As for Kelly — she can say she didn’t have a nervous breakdown, but she did.  I hope she’s in therapy — she needs to work through this so it doesn’t engulf her.  As for the ladies from New Jersey … love, love, love Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline and Teresa!  And as Jacqueline said … “Enough is enough Beverly, Angela, Danielle, Merrill, Minilli, Maher, Morrelli, Staub!”  I’ve nicknamed Danielle … The Staubster.  She is the CRAZY in CRAZY. Period.  I don’t know why Dina feels like she needs to talk to Crazy … I hope she doesn’t.

Well, my Spurs blew it against the Suns and then the Magic lost just that — their magic — against the Celtics.  Now, there’s NOBODY I want to cheer for in the NBA finals … I absolutely DO NOT like the Lakers or the Celtics.  That’s a wash for me.  At least I have tennis to get me through the summer and then it’ll be COLLEGE FOOTBALL SEASON … go ‘NOLES & HORNS!

Well, I’ve got things to do … things to grill and people to mingle with … so, that’s it — I’m out!  Everyone have a safe and fun weekend!

XoXo –

Bryce & Miss Nica

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. – Elie Wiesel

as if I didn’t know this from previous experience(s)…

Pollen. My worst enemy at the moment. Seriously.

Those of you who don’t have to deal with allergies … bee thankful. 🙂  Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.  Everywhere I go – pollen is OUT OF CONTROL!  Of course, it would help if I were to stay on schedule and get my allergy shots every week, but my life pace is faster than a speed bullet train trying to break the world record … I allowed my allergies to get out of control and then – as if I didn’t know this from previous experience(s) – my sinuses decided they’d have a field day – pun intended!  At this point, I am starting to get well … my doctor called in some prescription drug reinforcements.  So, hopefully, within a few days, I’ll be back to being – me. 🙂

So, let me ramble a little bit about … the Real Housewives of NYC (RH0NYC) and the Real Housewives of New Jersey (RHoNJ).  Yes, I know some of you are saying – why do you watch those shows?  No, it’s not because I like drama – I despise it; however, it’s interesting to watch how things play out … For example, I weeble-wobled w/ Jill for a while because I just thought she was overreacting … but I think things are going to play out even further to show that Jill had EVERY RIGHT to be upset w/ the way Bethenny treated her … as for Alex – she’s a complete “I’ve been in the shadow, but now I need all the attention I can get” individual — lost all respect for her; as for Big-Eyed Psycho Ramona – I had her number last year — she’s an instigator and a complete freak; Kelly … the jury is still out on her – although her loyalty is something going for her right now; however, she doesn’t make sense sometimes when she talks; Luann – ahhh the Countess … I am on the fence with her … sometimes I like her and other times, I don’t.  I am definitely for Team Jill right now.

Now, crossing the bridge over to New Jersey … I called it last year – early on – about Danielle Staub – she’s a PSYCHO.  Who organises a luncheon to honour their daughter’s achievement and NOT have her daughter or friends there to celebrate with? Seriously.  That was the biggest self-pity party I’ve ever seen in my life … she’s certifiably a lunatic.  I know that Jacqueline is going to see the light … it won’t take Dina long to be like, “Uhmmm, she’s a lunatic” and well, Caroline never tolerated her for a minute.  If I knew Caroline, I know we’d be good friends — we’re very similar in nature in how we assess people.  There’s no judgement at the beginning — it’s merely taking inventory of someone and getting the vibe(s) about someone … the judgement only comes into play when the individual forces that hand.  Ahhhh, therapist talk! 🙂  This is going to be an interesting season w/ the girls!


Matt Smith is the new Doctor Who

As for other telly … Fringe – as always – kept me engaged, but now it’s off for a while … I’m getting used to the new Doctor Who on Doctor Who – let’s face it – there will NEVER be another Doctor Who like David Tennant – seriously.  As for Glee, I’d say it’s okay for now … the best episode since its return was The Power of Madonna (go figure) … Just waiting now for the summer premieres of The Closer and Leverage … also, Beautiful People is back as well in June!  It seems like I watch lots of tv; however, I don’t … just a select few shows! 

And now, the sad news … my good friend Lee lost her mother this past week. 😦  My heart is so heavy right now.  And, Law & Order has been officially axed – after 20 years – from the NBC line-up.  I’m hoping TNT will pick them up!  We’re in the NBA playoffs … my beloved San Antonio Spurs didn’t make it — they were SWEPT by the boys from Phoenix — so now, I’m throwing my support behind the Orlando Magic — I think they can beat the Celtics in six. 🙂  My Seminoles are going great in baseball … ranked #9 and playing really well here at the end — I’m happy about that!  College football season is just 3.5 months away PEOPLE! I’ll be so glad when Saturdays become a day when I do nothing more than (1) travel to Tallahassee to see my ‘Noles play @ Doak Campbell Stadium | Bobby Bowden Field or (2) watch football ALL DAY LONG on the telly!

Well — nothing else to talk about … well, plenty, but I’d get really upset if I talked about the oil spill in the Gulf and how irresponsible BP and the Obama Administration have been w/ that entire situation … so, since I’m trying to reduce stress in my life and get well faster, I’ll just let you all decide how I feel about that entire situation!  Hope everyone has a great weekend!



Bryce & Miss Nica

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” – Elie Wiesel

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I’m just hanging on for the ride.

Life’s been super busy lately … surgery for my dad … a really close election in the UK for PM … WET WEATHER IN SAN DIEGO (HOLY COW!) … a car bomb in NYC | Times Square … I’m just hanging on for the ride. 🙂  I’ll be back soon to post to bring everyone up to speed … yes, I’m getting yer emails! 🙂

Hugs ’til then …

Bryce & Miss Nica